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Starting a new project is a breeze if a blank window is all you need. Say Hello to Real-World-Ready Projects with AppKaiju.

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What can you expect?

A bundle of 10+ ready-to-use, customizable projects, with the latest .NET tech-stack.


Ready to use authentication, real-time database & headless CMS.

Internal Tool Builder

Quickly build back-office apps for customers and your own projects.

Developer Experience

Whether you're a hobbyist or Fortune 500, our Cloud service lets you get up and running quickly.


The studio provides you an intuitive UI that allows the definition of relationships and permissions.

Easy to Use

The studio enables your users to browse, manage and visualize your database.


Flows enable user-defined, event-driven data processing and task automation.


We offer a plan for every need. You can start with the free plan and upgrade whenever you need more features.